Caterpillar Series: 2.0 – Greedy Green Goblin Mine


It just so happens that green is my favourite colour. Light shades of green. There’s something quiet and demure about it. Its pretty, it’s not overly sugary sweet (I’m not overly sugary sweet), it’s cool and refreshing. It’s kind of like me. It blends. Anyway, I digress…

I want so many things! *sigh* Sometimes I feel like I’m a city spirit stuck on a village farm with no transport out of the jungle for the next century. *sigh* I’m really not bound by anything but me. But… *sigh again* I really need to live my life. And I know how. I guess I should start, shey? Anyway, this post is about all the things I think I want!

1. I want to be rich!!!!
I realised that this is not really based on how much I earn right now. I believe that everyone has an opportunity to be rich. I won’t say more than that.

2. I want to be a private ‘socialite’
Whatever that is supposed to mean. Bottom line, I wanna have my private life, but then, I wanna be in the recognised in the ‘circles’ for my amazing accomplishments (structuring the biggest deals ever, overwhelming charity works, role model-ish kinda things). I admit that the feelings that come with this are not that bad. I don’t like to be in the public eye, but I do enjoy being talked about, for good. So, yeah, public mouth will do 😉

3. I want to travel the world!!!
Boat cruises, 24 hour flights to exotic locations, world tour like vacations, 10.00 a.m. deal signings in Tokyo after a 9.00 p.m. deal closure in Brussels the day before, family trips, tourist attractions, 2nd, 3rd, 15th honeymoons, the whole works! Take loads and loads of pictures, shopping!!!!! Yeah, that life… I want it too. 🙂

4. I want my own Jolie-ism
I definitely am adopting, not sure I’ll be doing Vietnam though. I understand the pain of living without the warmth that family brings. I’d like to prevent that for some kids. Apart from adoption, I wanna be actively involved in foster care. I have a few ideas of my own about how too…

5. I don’t know how to tag this so I’d just explain it somehow. I have a bit of it already and I’m expecting it to increase in its magnitude. I want to wake up happy, joyful and delirious with gratitude every morning. I have such a great life already and it gets a lot better everyday. It’s not without the ups and downs of everyday life. Still had a teary moment a few minutes ago while introspecting on a few minor details. I like it that way. I don’t want a fairy tale. I prefer this charmed life that I’m living. I’m growing, I’m more aware, and I’m loving. Me, my life and the amazing opportunities I have! It does get difficult at times. But the beauty of life is in both the sweetness and the pain (life and sex have a lot in common, you see 😉 ). And I’m game for it.

I recently got to the end of the dark tunnel towards the end, it was a lot of nothingness… But, I’m out! This caterpillar is soon sprouting wings!


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