Caterpillar Series: 1


I woke up early today. Actually didn’t get much sleep. It felt like a woke up with a sob half way through my vocals lol! Its insane how tempting it is to wallow and dwell in this madness. From experience, its never a good choice to make. So, I did the mature thing and swallowed it. I got up and got dressed for church.

So I’m in church now. Done the routines. Led my team through today’s duties. I must say we did well. And I smiled all through. Someway through it, it started to feel genuine. It didn’t take away the lump in my chest though, nor diminish the heaviness in my heart. My God… I miss you. Looking forward to finding something new to look forward to. I am so dramatic!! The thoughts in my head now are plain hilarious! Even I have to laugh… hahahahaha…

Someone once told me that most psychiatric cases are connected to a failed relationship, somehow or the other… There again is another bit of drama. *sigh*

I feel my resolve firming up sha. I’ve got to move now. No reason to sit still. I’m hoping this message won’t just be another routine. I’ve heard enough bleh messages jare. Looking for something that will give me results. I had another bright thought as I was leaving home today. I’ve done this before, given up an option only to get it back… What am I saying, those were inanimates… You have a choice, and I can see you have used it. Oh well, let’s hear what this preacher has to say….


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