The 30 Day Challenge – Day 5


I almost passed on this one, but discipline! Hehehe… If I could choose one ex to say one thing to, it’ll be F.O. He’s by far the sweetest guy I have dated, so far. We had it all good and all that, but… Anyway, I won’t be able to say nuffin to him as it is cos he would not really understand why. But this is the 30 day challenge, right?

Imma make it personal…

It’s been a while… I wish things were different between us, you know… And its not the way you think. You were one guy that I’m very grateful I met. And I want to thank you for letting me go. It would have been harder if you had tried to make me stay. I’m a much different person now. You won’t believe the experiences I’ve had!! You prob don’t know this new me at all! And somehow, I kinda feel like I have you (partly) to thank for it. You allowed me be me even when that included ending ‘us’. So hers’s wishing you all that you deserve.

And yeah, ask her out already! No… not her, that your neighbour… Not that one, the one wjo tried to keep you from seeing me on my birthday that year… Yeah, her! She still likes you, you know šŸ˜‰ And you never can tell!



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