The 30 Day Challenge – Day 4


Day 4 – Bullet your day

12 am – can’t sleep. Got nuffin on my mind tho. Slept throughout Saturday and I’m paying for it now. Okay, I lie. Was actually hoping to make that call. Its been days… And I’m deprived 😥

3.45 – I finally try to sleep. Seems like it gonna work this time…

5.30 – alarm goes off… *sigh* I can’t…

6.45 – just a few more minutes, I promise… zzzzz…

7.18 – finally made it up. Have to bath…brush… Oh yea, dress up… Where’s that br… Oh dear my shoes… Wallet… *sigh* keys… Oh well, on my way… *sigh*

7.56 – I can not believe I’m still here… *yawn*

1.00 – service was awesom! Now waiting for this car to stop overheating so I can go and eat! And there is this small issue of moving my stuff… I hate stuff like moving, packing, unpacking. I think I’ll just move this till next week. I have the best intentions, I swear.

4.00 – finally! Food! Yay me!!! So, it was noodles with all sortsa elements at my sister’s. Had fun exhibiting road rage with an equally ‘raging driver’. Missed out on ice cold la casera at Ojota 😦 That was a very low point in the day…

6.30 – heading home. Had a quick nap @ my sis’s. And a little fondling with a mosquito.

8.00 – battery low, no light, no gen. @ the G’s place to charge my fone. I may just get lucky tonight…

9.51 – a little chat, a little nuffin, a little curling in bed tryna sleep.

11.00 – this whole drama is tiring. I look like a fool tryna defend everybody. *sigh* I want out!!! I need a maga. This is a public announcement.

11.30 – this sucks abi? I’m the worst chronicler ever! So, sue me! I thot as much… :p



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