The 30 Day Challenge – Day 3


Day 3 – A book I love

And the winner is…. *drum rolls* Ted Dekker’s Blessed Child!! *loud applause*

I have had my ‘reading days’. Don’t read so much nowadays. I get bored quite easily. Almost all my old favs have very predictable storylines. Now, some never cease to surprise me. Like Chimamamnda. She’s just brilliant! How did Ted win? He plays with the dark side a lot. She doesn’t, yet. So, I like spooky books. They still have the element of surprise most simple tales have lost for me. But this one, this one was an amazing read. The experience was cathartic! It kinda brought home some things for me. Helped me deal with some inner demons. I loved the guilt-free display of humanity in the characters too. And the way the kid’s ‘divinity’ made their frailties almost beautiful… *sigh* it is one book that gave me a new lease on a lot of things.

Ok, a summary. The story is about a child born in the deserts of Ethopia handed over to this renegade and a nurse when the Father who raised him sensed he was gonna be killed. The boy is brought into the real world where his nature is tested. He is made to adapt to technology, ‘experirnced’ views about God, politics and divinity, its a roller coaster! I admit tho that the end was a bit of an anticlimax. But hey, I still can’t forget how I felt while reading… Never felt that way before.

So, made it to day 3 huh? Let’s see how tomorrow goes…



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