The 30 Day Challenge – Day 2


Day 2 – Something I feel strongly about

This is a tough one. I’m known to have very ‘strong’ opinions about everything at some point :D. Ok, I’ll narrow it down to one thing…

This singular word had been the sole cause of plenty of my yawas. I always ask why. Even when I don’t say it I think it. I strongly believe that everything has a reason. And that you’d figure it out somehow if you give it enough thought. The way I see it, the why is the reason for the thing itself. So, nothing is random. Just as nothing exists in a vacuum. What you call random is connected to something you have not considered or given thought to.

So, WHY am I doing this challenge thing?

Cos I’m looking for some answers that will come up only when I write.

Cos I think it should be fun.

Cos I’m hoping to find more likeminded people…

Cos I really need to take my blogging serious, seriously…



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