The 30 Day Challenge – Day 1


I got this from @miafarradaily and well, its rather unusual of me, but here goes..

5 Ways to Win My Heart

1. The God-Factor
I wish I could really explain how much this means to me. I have a lot of respect for a guy that is an ‘active God-chaser’. I don’t care much for how he does it as much as the sincerity and passion with which he does it. It speaks volumes IMO. I can trust this kinda man wholeheartedly.

2. Love the art
Okay, I think I am kinda flexible here. You don’t have to paint, draw or sing, but you must appreciate and understand the arts. Its kind of a plus if he can write, I swoon at the pen of a man creative with his thoughts…. I think this makes me feel like he has some kinda depth… I don’t know jare!

3. The Mind thing
I like a good hawt body, but I fall first for his mind. I’m very inquisitive, so, you have to be be able to entertain/keep up with me and such. I’m not really a current affairs buff like that, but it’s a plus for him sha. But even if like me he doesn’t know the capital of Congo (ok, I know that one), he should amaze me with some other very relevant info he has at his finger tips! How in the world can I have astimulating or engaging conversation with you if you… I can’t!!!

4. The Ultimate Adventure
I like ambition in a man. You must be going somewhere. Have a sense of purpose, else I aint going no where with you! He should also leave some room in his life for my dreams to conquer the world. In all of this, he should have the fine balance (work in progess is allowed) of risk taking vs caution and ambition vs conscience. Very important!

5. His way
I like gentle, calm guys that look very collected and together. Maybe cos I’m nothing like that. Hehehe! It’s refreshing for me, and its kinda a sign of inner confidence (in yetitweets urban dictionary). Plus the cool exterior c’est uber attrhacktiv! 😉 plus, he must have his way with me. I’m a handful, and I don’t really like it when a guy doesn’t know what to do with/about all my antics…*sigh* I just can’t… (#nsinging ~ I don’t wanna be… A murderer… ~

None of this is in any particular order sha… But the list is short sef! There are lots more, but these 5, definitely are enough to get the job done!

NB: all further enquiries should be made to my comittee of worried family and friends.



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