Last Night


He pulled me up from where I sat, I could not tell whether it was a chair or I sat on air. I had watched him saunter towards me. As casual as his steps appeared to me, I could see the steel determination in his eyes. The hour had finally come. But why here, I wondered? Of all places here?!!?

We took two steps and hit the edge of the bed. I sat to support the rest of my frame as my legs had melted beneath me. He never took his eyes off me. He sat close to me and offered me one of the magazines I was reading earlier. Was it a magazine or a book? In this place, under this circumstances, things get a bit blurry… details get foggy… everything overlaps. I took the book, or magazine, no, it was a book… I took it from him and found the excuse to look away from him. His eyes felt hot on my skin. I felt like he could see right through me. He hadn’t touched me, yet I was whimpering. I had waited so long for this kiss, but knowing him, I knew the internal battle he fought wasn’t over yet. He could change his mind if he still had doubts. I couldn’t care less for the consequences he worried about. It was just a kiss! What if it went bad? Ehn, we would both go our separate ways, but at least, my lips will cease to tingle and the mere thought of him.

He was saying something now, I can’t remember. I’m not even sure I heard. Then he leaned towards me and it looked like he was going for my ears… OMG, we were in my room, on my bed, and he wanted to nuzzle my ears? Maybe it was good I waited, this night was beginning to look promising. I had wanted to be with him like this for a long time. I am not a promiscuous female, but this he-man was all man! Tall and well built 6 -feet plus frame. Eyes that smoldered. Lips that looked altogether yummy! And for 4 months, we had done the mating dance, only there was no mating, it was all dance.

I caught my breath at the first touch of his lips on my neck. He kissed and nuzzled and kissed in quick successions. I purred and sighed and felt him smile against my skin. His hands held mine as he took the intruding book away from me, then he raised his head and looked at me. I thought I had melted and gone to heaven.

‘It’s better this way, dont you think so?’ It’s a good thing I waited’

What did that mean? He knew I wanted this for that long?

he leaned towards me again and this time he took my lips. I muttered thanksgiving to the heavens as he lips tasted better than I imagined. At first, he was exploring and testing my boundaries, soon, he was pulling me closer and nibbling at the side of my lips, rubbing the back of my arms and playing with the tip of my tank top. I could see all this happening, somewhere in my head. Somehow, while I could feel my core responding to his gentle intrusion, I almost felt like a spectator, watching him rub my tummy, watching me hold his neck, rub his head and shift my position, for him to hold me properly as he laid me down on the bed. After a couple of minutes of the most beautiful experience of my life time, he stopped and helped me up again. I couldn’t look at him. I felt so naked before him. Like he had found my little secret, that I was crazy about him. He said like a sentence or two and I started to fear that he was not going to touch me again. Maybe he thinks it was a mistake, maybe… the thought died in my mind as he reached for me again. This time, he reached to pull me up on his laps. Yes! I screamed in my head as he lips took mine one more time. His hands found their way up, lightly brushing against my hardeneing nipples. I sighed, and purred and twisted in maddening delight. Then suddenly, I woke up!


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