Ok, I came here with very noble intentions. But this internet’s been so slow, I got purged already. ANyway, it’s always nice to come by, see how this place is, once in a while… I like it here. I love it here. Here I can talk about stuff absolutely un-edited (I lie). I’m thinking about opening another blog tho… where I can be more revealing… like I said, its a thot! 😀

Ok, since my thots have gotten wings, I think I should leave now. It’s getting awkward not having anything to say. Or not wanting to say the things I have to say… yeah, I dont like the silence either…

New resolutions tho:
1. Make a new friend every month – was thinking weekly, but that will be a tall order! lol! The evnergy required for that… phew!

2. Write a list of things I’d love to do (fun and work)

3. Do one thing from 2 every week – I have been told this adds colour to life. No more black and white images for me 😀

Ok, I gess i’ll be back soon!

*hugs and kisses*


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