Let’s talk about life…

Ups and downs and the mysteries
The various things that lie beneath
The baser elements
The simple things

Things that make you cry and make you laugh
Things that dry your tears and comfort you
Things that birth your dreams
Things that make your heart sing

Things that bring
Eternal bliss

The rested assurance that everything will work out fine
The confidence that you will survive
The quiet hope

The restless need
The fire burning deep within
The puzzling thought that bring awareness
Of how little you know
And how much you need not know

The beautiful ties that hold you together
When ill winds blow and earth thunders

Life and all its beautiful mysteries
The treasures without
And jewels within

The questions that seem to lack answers
Love, pain, joys and laughter
The world here
The world hereafter

What lies between

Highs and lows

Life… let’s talk about life…


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