I almost feel like a stranger here… lol

For a while now, this blog has been about me finding myself, in purpose, destiny, and in God. I think I will never be able to do that. But I have a fair idea of wht I’d eventually look like… I didnt find me, I caught a glimpse… So, now, I’m going back to my past, to reconnect with all my favourite things! Yay!!!! So, a few of my old works will appear here from time to time… Starting with this one…

I write with my tears
I scribble the signs to erase my heart
I let it all out.

I write in your blood
I dab on the paint to color my world
I try to forget

I write in our sweat
Borne in passion, lost in regret
I’m finding new paths

Tonight I make plans to forget
Me, you, all the yards met
I scribble, mumble, chant and squirm
Get up, and win
I fell, but not flat
That remains to be seen
I will again play the part
But till he wins my heart
I leave again, tonight.


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