when sleep evades me


While men slept
I dreamed dreams
Saw myself in plces I’d never been
Wrapped up in arms never before seen
Beaming and dancing
Trotting and prancing
Living life with unspeakable glee

While men slept
I thought of you
Your words in my head like when we met
The warmth of your lips like heaven’s breath
I stared and wondered
Flustered and bothered
I turned away from the unsavory dream

While men slept
I stayed awake
Hoping to find what will fill this void
My heart is open
My fears out spoken
I’ve taken big steps
Shuffled to the left
Done the dance
Missed my chance
Caught the bouquet
Untied the shoe lace
Now my life is in my hands
And this time I’ll dance

While men sleep…


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