Monthly Archives: June 2011



I’m having candies and slurping sweets
It is you I crave
I’m stealing giggles and borrowing tears
Rocking heels and silky hair
It is you I crave
I’m having fits and jumping seats
Laughing peels and baring teeth
It is you I crave
I’m throwing far and reaching wide
Climbing freeways and taking rides
It is you I crave
I’m spewing flames and passing blames
Running mad and calling names
It is you I crave
I’m sneaking peaks and dropping lines
Decking up and looking fine
It is you I crave
I’m patting cakes and stewing brews
Folding clothes or arranging shoes
It is you I crave
I’m sitting quiet and holding in
Wondering where in the world you’ve been
It is you I crave
I’m drawing lines and sheathing spears
Fighting tears and hiding fears
It is you I crave
I’m smiling now as I think of you
Wondering how this can be true
That it’s you I crave.

I’m unstopable today!! I hope this brings my muse back…




Ok, this is another one from long time ago… it kinda still rings true. You know that beautiful feeling of something new? Yeah, it’s almost the same with something renewed…

I’ve been smiling a lot lately
seeing the sun shine brightly
they say it seems to burn hotly
watching as stars sparkle lightly
they say the night’s been too darkly
While i’ve been smiling a lot lately

I been laughing a lot lately
bursting at seams with peals giggly
they say its coarse and not tasty
i squeal with with delight and none gently
they say its loud and un-ladyly

I have having much fun lately
smiling at the sun so brightly
smiling through my eyes like stars sparkly
Is it just because of you, baby?



I almost feel like a stranger here… lol

For a while now, this blog has been about me finding myself, in purpose, destiny, and in God. I think I will never be able to do that. But I have a fair idea of wht I’d eventually look like… I didnt find me, I caught a glimpse… So, now, I’m going back to my past, to reconnect with all my favourite things! Yay!!!! So, a few of my old works will appear here from time to time… Starting with this one…

I write with my tears
I scribble the signs to erase my heart
I let it all out.

I write in your blood
I dab on the paint to color my world
I try to forget

I write in our sweat
Borne in passion, lost in regret
I’m finding new paths

Tonight I make plans to forget
Me, you, all the yards met
I scribble, mumble, chant and squirm
Get up, and win
I fell, but not flat
That remains to be seen
I will again play the part
But till he wins my heart
I leave again, tonight.



It’s been so long I came here to purge my mind of all the grime it gathers day in day out. This time, it’s not just grime. I picked a lot of dirt, but I was lucky to find some flowers. Life throws all sorts our way. You don’t catch it, it flings itself at you. So, somehow, you don’t determine what hits you. But you choose what sticks to you.

This is a really quick one anyways. And its ending in 5 seconds. I’d say it this way, I taking all my dirt and flowers, and I’m making me a mighty fine garden!


when sleep evades me


While men slept
I dreamed dreams
Saw myself in plces I’d never been
Wrapped up in arms never before seen
Beaming and dancing
Trotting and prancing
Living life with unspeakable glee

While men slept
I thought of you
Your words in my head like when we met
The warmth of your lips like heaven’s breath
I stared and wondered
Flustered and bothered
I turned away from the unsavory dream

While men slept
I stayed awake
Hoping to find what will fill this void
My heart is open
My fears out spoken
I’ve taken big steps
Shuffled to the left
Done the dance
Missed my chance
Caught the bouquet
Untied the shoe lace
Now my life is in my hands
And this time I’ll dance

While men sleep…