Monthly Archives: April 2011

What a wonderful world!!!!


Did you hear they cancelled the elections?? Yeah, I know, right? I wonder when we’ll quit the political drama in this country… Anyway, that’s not my headache right now, not like I have one. I’m thinking today (like I always do, hence this blog to keep me sane) about life, generally.

Life… oh life, ooohhh liii-iiife… oh life… tu doo doo doo… (thanks, erykha). When I look at the whole thing sometimes, I just conclude that life’s an art. As a ma’ o fact, life is art! It’s just beautiful the way God planned everything! Everything is so totally dependent on the next thing! No man is one-phased or independent, at the same time, we are all independent!!! Its hilarious, right?

Anyway, it IS a wonderful world, and I gotta go!


PS: it was your birthday yesterday and it’s wierd that I still miss you. Good thing is, now I kinda guess why I do… sorta… You… you touched a very… real part of me, so quickly, so briefly… So, here’s wishing you a great new year! Go get ’em, big-tall-hunk-of-a-tiger! *kisses and snugly bear hugs*