Cinderella, there is a KING (QUEEN) in you…


I’m back at this thing again… It just won’t leave my head… It’s rolling round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round… in my head… Like a rolling top… that won’t stop… like that top on the table in ‘Inception’… Heroes.

I never saw the series but I heard it was like sci-fi meets super heroes kinda thing. Instead I did 24… Now that’s a ‘bozzman’ with style! Its just crazy the way we feed off our subconscious mind and totally ignore the obvious. Everyone, almost everyone, wakes up everyday looking for a reason to go on. We look for it in people, we sometimes think we’ll find it in places, and most times, we just repeating the same phases, find nothing, live empty and die full. I’m so sorry if I sound politically incorrect right now, but your life is going to be constantly messed up/meaningless/lack lustre/oscillating/empty/unguided/disatisfied/futile/empty if you don’t have Jesus.

I digress…

What I’m tryna say is this: life thows, sometimes, shoots, many things your way. Some are good and some are bad. Some are a bit off target and some are just spot on. Whatever the case might be, child of God, it doesn’t change who you are. You may have even brought this upon yourself! Maybe it was all your doing. And you are tempted to feel bad. Don’t stay there! Go through it and get out! Don’t allow circumstances define you! You have the power to choose your situations from this very moment. In the word of the king, there is power. Honey, you are royalty! An aristocratic dynasty is what you come from! Get up from that place of self-defeat! No body can stop you but you! I understand that sometimes we get tired. That’s why I’m typing/saying/blogging this. The King in me says to the King in you, Arise! Shine!! Your light is still here!


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