Every body needs a hero…

That’s a song… I think… or maybe the reverse of the song… Scratch that, I think the song actually says ‘you don’t need another hero…’ Whatever! But it’s a truth. Everybody needs a hero.

For what?!?!?

First off, let’s examine this thot for a sec. Hollywood reels of (literally) millions of bucks every year, racks in double of that. Why? Cos what they provide feeds the innermost craving of every human. Name the movie or production and I will prove to you that as long as there is a


    the film’s got a hero. Even if it’s animal planet! Someone’s out there, doing what you’ve only dreamnt of doing and doing it with style! That’s what the movies say! (Forgive me, I jes finish’d watchin’ two of ’em type o movies) and this dude, whats-his-face sang it just right;

    I can be your hero baby

    There’s so much despair, confusion, pain, anger and pointlessness in this world. I’ve run my head round the whole shitnitz and I am yet to see the point! Psalm 127 says:

    It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows…

    That is the summation of it all. Like someone made a mistake and created this cycle, this mad rat race for evryone to get suffocated and die of frustration when they reach the point of can’t-take -it-no-more?!?!? Not so. Why? Cos I know my redeemer liveth! And he will not allow me to ‘see’ the destruction that is all over this sick planet!

ok, now I’m rambling. What was a talking about?

    There’s been a lot on my mind latelty and I guess it all boils down to one thing, which is not the topic for today. I am still talking about heroes and who needs them. This doesn’t apply to you in anyway if you are like super confident and ever sure of everything. But if sometimes, you are not just sure, or sometimes, you just need help, then we are in the same boat. But I got lucky. I got some real live heroes, and I hit the jackpot too. I met Jesus. I know I’m not making too much sense with all this babbling, but I know what I’m saying. Jesus is all the hero I need. And it took loads of time, trust and hiccups for me to come to this realization. He’s been a true friend, taught me a lot too, through the Holy Spirit. He really never leaves, trust me. I’ve found a hero worth believing in. I am not in fear that he would ever cheat, lie, or fall short of my adoration. And He’s sent me good men. Men who are tryna be like him. Men who would stand with me in the muck and walk me proudly to the top. I’m going to marry one of them one of these days. I needed a true hero, not the type that the movies create. I needed something that will keep. And I found it. Now I wanna be like that. I’m preparing for the next generation. I need to get my mind off myself, look more towards the big picture and be a hero to someone else. I can be your hero.


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