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Guess who’s back..???


Yeah, baby! C’est moi!

Howdido? Christmas? Chicken? Turkey? Goat? Le famile et al? Nah, I don’t speak french, not just yet. But it’s in the plan. Something tells me I’ll be needing it for some diplomatic and domiciliary. Anyhoo, jus checking this space out. Really being a while…

Something is just about to happen… Watch this space!


Dream catchers


I know everyone catches this ‘novelty’ bug at this time of the year, but not me! Number 1, I’m not a creature limited by the placement of man’s fragmentation of eternity (known by most as time), I am an eternal being! My thoughts revolve around the scope of eternity! Long and short, this is not a new year resolution motivational speech! :d

But, cos I know y’all are itsy bitsy hung up on this time thing, imma indulge y’all a bit. I am usually intrspective, yeah? I think, analyse, scrutinize intentions and all that ish. And I do that throughout the year! I learnt something new recently. It has become the bane of my every decision, the crux of my (almost) every choice, and I am learning to make it the center of my life. I have a dream. I once had plans. I’m telling you, I could lay it down for you in so much detail, it would impress you. All I needed to make it happen was to become God. Control the outcome of events and steer things in the way that I had planned. What made it even more cool was the fact that I had somehow managed to fit every little single bitsy itsy thing that was a part of what my life has become into the plan. Check this: I would go do my MBA, marry either A, B or C, depending on where I am, finish that MBA and go do another one and move closer to A (it was looking like it’ll be him ;)) and then start a family a year into the second program. During the second program, finish CFA having passed level 1 before leaving for the first program. We would have kids, relocate to Nigeria and then I can start ministry, part time first and then full time by the time the kids are in grade school. Don’t let me bore you with the details inbetween! :d

Ok, now to all the parts that went wrong…
1. I got the first MBA admission, but I didn’t get enough money to go :d

2. A and I are no longer talking. :d

3. I did write the level 1 but… Level 2 is…

The list goes on. The best laid plans of men and gods… often go awry 😦

Nowadays, I am planless! It’s a tough one, but I must admit, it has simplified my life. I am now a dream catcher. I am catching THE dream for my life, and following the plans laid down by the One who dreamed the dream. Maybe I should have started this with ‘once upon a time, God had a dream about me, and to fulfill the dream, He made me in His own image, after His own likeness (cos only that way can I see the reality of the dream). Anyways, the shortcut to all my rambling is this: for once in my life, I’m getting my priorities right. We all say we put God first and all… we sing about it, dance to it… if you’re lucky you can do it with karaoke…:d hardly do we ever live it. Now, I’m not saying I have laid hold, no way! But I’m pressing. Like my existence depends on it, cos it does. And I’m finding that all I ever wanted (thanks Kelly), all I ever desired can be found in Him.

This is the summary of the whole matter: this year 2011 is a dream catcher’s year ever! Laying hold on eternal life is the only way forward. The way up is down. And all the other Christianese proverbs we know… this is the time to live them. See you on the other side, if you hurry, you may just catch up with me…;)

PS: this post is dedicated to Jaycee, for all the kind reminders.