Right now


This is totally random. At least, so I think. There are a lot of things to say. I guess I may be waiting for time to prove me right… These left over fears, they are like the constant reminders that we are in post-war years. Jesus has won the battle, but the Province needs protection and rebuilding… A constant reminder that I can only thrive when vitally connected to Perfect Love. Maybe it’s not fear, maybe it’s sensitive caution… Again, I digress…

Like I said, this is random. I have been mandated to keep writing by *cough* eerr… So, I said I’d post sthing today, even if it’s just to say hey. How does one get so lucky? *sigh* Anyway, that is a story for another day. So, hiya folks! Any random thoughts to share? Feel free, this space could do with some more words! 😀


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  1. “Post war years” kind of reminds me of the passage in the Bible that talks about how we are to remain in God’s divine love and ask for goodness to be built upon knowledge to be built upon love… (for the life of me, I can’t remember the passage details)… “protection and rebuilding”… *sigh* talk of our constant struggle with ripping off the old self, I whole heartedly agree with you here 😀

  2. I read this, and it plunged me forward into meditation..so I don’t have anything to add. Just thinking.

    ps: About posting, to make myself write, I scheduled myself to post on specific days of the week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That way I know I’ve committed myself to the task. Lol. So maybe scheduling your posts might help too? *smiles* Sending hugs your way.

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