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Right now


This is totally random. At least, so I think. There are a lot of things to say. I guess I may be waiting for time to prove me right… These left over fears, they are like the constant reminders that we are in post-war years. Jesus has won the battle, but the Province needs protection and rebuilding… A constant reminder that I can only thrive when vitally connected to Perfect Love. Maybe it’s not fear, maybe it’s sensitive caution… Again, I digress…

Like I said, this is random. I have been mandated to keep writing by *cough* eerr… So, I said I’d post sthing today, even if it’s just to say hey. How does one get so lucky? *sigh* Anyway, that is a story for another day. So, hiya folks! Any random thoughts to share? Feel free, this space could do with some more words! πŸ˜€


His hands and feet


I read a post on Lightherlamp’s (Jaycee (I don’t know how to do links, check for my most frequent visitor joor!)) about loving the world like we were loved of God (my words) and I was so blessed! I am thinking about that post a lot, and about what I am doing to be that person. The one who spreads the love of God through genuine love for others, in words and in deed. And thinking, like I always leads me to my most recent ‘illumination’. (kinda sounds like Illuminati… πŸ˜€ iLike. Yes, you may be very afraid now :D)

Loving others with the love of God can happen anyway. It can be as an expression of faith. You can show the God kind of love to your neighbor even when you want to act otherwise. It’s called maturity. It’s still called loved. Forgive my passion, but I think I have come to fall in love with a heart felt soul deep expression of agape (did i just make any sense?) I like to say this, when you have truly allowed the experienced the love of God, you would love others, and want to show it naturally. You would love like Jesus did, honestly, passionately, without putting up a fight. Why? Because the love of God is humbling. It reduces you to nothing but love, true, pure unadulterated love. Experiencing the love of God brings revelation that no lies of the devil can overshadow. Everything becomes shadow… Remember this song…?

When I look into your holiness
When I gaze into your loveliness
When all things that surround me
Become shadow in the light of you
When I’ve found the joy of reaching your heart
When my will becomes enthroned in your love
When all things that surround me
Become shadow, in the light of you

That’s when I worship you
I worship you
The reason I live, is to worship you

That is the heart of a true worshiper who has known the Father’s love. True worshipers are not so called because they perfect. We are not perfect in our selves. Our perfection is in Christ Jesus. It is in Him that we live, move and have our being. We have no being without Him. And as the song says, until everything else dims and God becomes the focal point, we have not lived a life of worship. I like to simplify these things. Too much Christianese leaves us all more confused. How do things become dim in the light of another. I always like to talk about man and woman. πŸ˜€

I have been recently engaged with a certain young man. he is, actually, quite engaging. So much so that it seems I lack the capacity to tire of hearing his voice. I really do not care what he’s saying (though he makes plenty sense always), as long as he’s talking, as long as I’m with him… Everything else dims when we are like that. It’s such a beautiful thing, *sigh* just thinking about it… Anyway, I was talking about God, yeah… My point exactly, that’s how everything dims… And ladies, and guys, we all know the way this dimming occurs. When you experience God, truly, everything else dims. When, with a sincere, open, trusting and tender heart, you look for the love of God, not the fruits of His love (this is a hard hard one, dicey topic too…), when you long for an experience of His love, you will find it. It will change you. You will be humbled. You will receive an awesome revelation of the gospel. You will automatically love others. Let’s look at Paul.

He was a hard man. Choleric to the core. he could hold bile in his tummy while a gentle soul was being stoned to death. Infact, he administered the entire proceeding. He was a man of zeal. He set for himself a target, go round the world and quench this ‘blasphemy’, kill all those who call on Jesus and end this charade once and for all. Saul was indeed a man to be reckoned with. Then came the Light on the road to Damascus. As a kid, I was surprised to read the turn of events in that story. Infact, as a kid, though I fervently believed in Jesus,I concluded that most of the stories in the Bible were written by incoherent people of just plain senseless! I mean, how does Light and a voice transform a driven Saul into a very passionate Paul? it didn’t add up! The Light (or the Voice) said:

Saul! Saul!! Why are you persecuting me?

β€œWho are you, lord?” Saul asked.

And the voice replied, β€œI am Jesus, the one you are persecuting!
Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.”

The men with Saul stood speechless, for they heard
the sound of someone’s voice but saw no one!
Saul picked himself up off the ground, but when he opened his eyes he was blind.
So his companions led him by the hand to Damascus.
He remained there blind for three days and did not eat or drink.

Now someone should lie and tell me this makes any bit of sense! So, what, he was turned blind, a voice spoke from heaven, yardy yardy ya! Then what??? As in, dude pleas! How does that suddenly make the Voice Lord? How does that make him shelve his plans, risk his life for something he was so sensibly and reasonably against? Except Saul was thrown off that horse by Love. Except it was Love that spoke to him, shined on him and made him realise that he was indeed blind. Except it was Love that took a hold of him, except it was an experience with Love on that un-tarred Damascus road, and not a threat from heaven like we all suspected.

We all know the rest of the story. Paul himself wrote this verse to the Corinthians:

”All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.
He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.
When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same
comfort God has given us.”

By this, Jesus said, shall all men know that we are His disciples. Love compels us to share the good news (oh yeah, it’s not obligation like you thought. God is not big on that, obligation I meant… hehehe!), love compels us to clothe, feed, house and comfort the needy. Only Love can do that. And you can give that love only after you have received it. You do not have it of yourself. It is in God, to express it, you must be vitally living in the reality of your oneness with God. And this comes by experience.

His Hands and Feet. It is who we are. Just like the same Paul said, no part of the body can pick a fight against the other to the benefit of the body, we are a united body, bound by the common love and common faith. That is our Commonwealth. My lesson today is simple. Do you desire to be used by God? Do you want to be a vessel that brings honor to him through genuine selfless service? Then seek his face, seek to experience His love. That is all you need for the race. The skills and talents are just paparazzi. Only love can minister. the rest can either entertain or mislead, depending on the circumstance. Only love can use these instruments for glory. The Bible records that the children of Israel knew the Lords hand, while Moses knew His face. That is why Moses was able to make so much impact, even still today. he went for what mattered. God is not looking for hard workers, He is looking for children that will contribute their ‘parts’ (as in anatomy) to His ever increasing empire. You are already in the body. You are not going to be joined to the body by virtue of what you do for the body. SO stay in the body, stay connected to the source of life, the fabric that unites the body. And then, put your ‘part’ on auto and watch your self being used mightily by God!

Just like my fingers did not have to go find this keyboard, you won’t have to find your field. My fingers merely responded to a desire in my brain… So, walk in his love, and be a diffuser of the strongest energy this planet has ever known.

Good. Better. Perfect – the final analysis


Ok, I decided to finish this up at once. I’m sure by tomorrow, Imma be hearing something else so, let’s get it over with.

This started with me wondering about the good, acceptable and perfect will of God. How does one identify that? How does it work?

Unfortunately, the above didn’t happen as planned. I have been distracted occupied by something that is beginning to look like “perfect”. But I have a mission, I have an assignment to finish. I believe God will have me put this out. Cos, I have been taught, by Him on the good, the acceptable and the perfect plan He has. I am, most of us are, in an interesting mix of all three. Some have made it past the muddle and gotten to identify most perfects. But no one has it that made yet. Anywayz, before I digress..

There is a plan in the heart of God concerning every living soul. That is how wide His heart is. He not just has a plan, each plan was borne out of the deepest love that can ever be imagined. That is why it is a perfect plan, that is also why there are many routes to it. It is not an instruction, it is projected or perceived that way because of the Master/Slave relationship that once existed between man and God. But in a Father/child relationship, it’s not a bunch of instructions you are expected to live by. Your earthly father won’t instruct you to eat, he would implore you, negotiate with you, tease you, make you promises, just to get you to eat (at least while you are a toddler, by the time you are older, he expects you to know better). And he would do that because the ‘order’ is purely out of love. I have found that that relationship is merely a shadow of our relationship with the Heavenly Father.

First of, God’s love is incomparable. So nothing, absolutely nothing is an instruction. They are all guidelines of a loving doting parent who wants the best for us. Think about it, why would God still be issuing ‘orders’ to us if Jesus has fulfilled the law? Are we going to please Him more by obeying orders? I don’t think so. All that we sometimes call instructions, tenets or whatever, are loving guides to the place called Perfect.

So, it is given that to get to perfect, you must pass through good. I recently gave up drinking alcohol. Ok, maybe not recently, about 2 years now (oops, I mistakenly drank some punch mix 2 weeks ago! :$ Anyway, I was telling someone recently that I did that after a talk with God about drinking. Now, I do not consider drinking alcohol a sin. I consider getting drunk stupidity (Mama Lemuel said so too:D), but indulging in cocktails and stuff (oh crap! this is not an argument o!) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that that was me moving from good to better. Maybe I will totally eschew bars to get to perfect πŸ˜€ God, by gentle prodding nudges us towards identifying perfect. One person coming repeatedly to my mind is Daniel. Daniel was the Don Dada! He had influence, he had fame. But then the foundations of his faith was being threatened. So he prayed. Guess what, he was thrown in the lion’s den! I mean, beat that! After praying and fasting????? Yeah, he said, though he slay me, yet I will trust him, but to what end would that slaying have been? Remember that the Bible repeatedly says we are meant to be living gospels? Ok, maybe his death would have taught someone a lesson in total commitment to God… maybe not! But to live for him and for God, would certainly have been gain. I do not believe that him getting into the lion’s den was part of God’s good plan for him. That was the devil. But God, in His unstoppable awesomeness, turned the devil’s best into His own Perfect plan.

Good. Better. Perfect. God works this in the most creative ways. He is not stalled by the challenges of the situation. He is focused on the end, which is Perfect. As we should be. He took Abraham from Good (Abram) to Better (Isaac and the 12 tribes) to Perfect (all of us being covenant children of Abraham through Jesus). See how long that took. How many heroes of faith it cost. God really doesn’t mise on His Prefects. And he won’t start with you.

So, you are going through something now. It is really rough. You can hardly see the road ahead of you. There is a good in that. And you need to see it before you can even sight the better. It is there, I promise you. I wish you could see my heart and see how much faith I have in you finding the ‘good’ in your situation. It was pretty bad for me too recently, but He helped me find the ‘good’, in the thick of it. I know He wants to help you too. And as little as that ‘good’ now is, it was the catalyst for everything ‘better’ that I now enjoy. I now see the “Perfect” It is so so close now. The fulfillment of His eternal plan for my life, my place in destiny… I see it now…

But first, I had to see the good, right there in the rut. The good is the foundation for the better. You can never have the perfect without it. So, look into the darkness that seems to surround you now. Be like the eagle and lock your wings in that storm. He knows the pain, He understands the struggles and better still, He’s seen countless before you through it, He knows the many ways around it! What an awesome God we serve! The Message Bible says that God hears our prayers that come out in cries and groaning. He understands it. In fact, it says that the HS turns our wordless sighs and aching groans into the right petition before Him. SO, go to Him today, tell Him how much it hurts. He knows it already, it’s just therapy that you must go through. You will need that experience, constantly, to show that You trust in Him. I have known the Father’s love in this. It took me through Good. Got me to Better (lovely place, I must tell you) and I am walking into Perfect. I will expect you soon.

Now go…