Randomly you


It’s 8.03. I’m at work, hiding in the back room. I can’t seem to get up. It’s like I’m losing the will to do anything other than think about you… Be safe. Be good. And yes, I miss you too already… *sigh* I decided this time that I’m not going to hide. I won’t be shy to say how I feel… At least I would try. Who knows, maybe this is for real, but even if not… the best things in life remain free… So, imma enjoy this gift, while I have it!

I feel so melancholy (you know that strong, yet weak feeling), its insane, and you know why… But it’s all good. I trust my Father to be true. I’m almost going nuts with thiss wait… But, it’s all good. The best things come to those who wait. *sigh* this is so scattered!!! Okbye!


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