OMG, I have to respect the man I marry!!! He has to be bigger than me in my eyes! I’ve got to look up. Him,rust his opinion and be able to willingly give in to his judgement. That I cannot do begrudgingly for too long! I will come to dislike him for making me act ‘lesser’ than I think! Lol! He has to be amazing! Totally fantabulously grand!!! Larger than life, in my eyes! I don’t like noisy, all-around-the-place guys! I like them cool, calm, oozing confidence! Gentle! Smooth! Yelx!! OMG, if only he wasn’t married… iSigh!


I am sitting beside my most senior boss, we are going for a meeting, and I’m thinking, ‘wow, what an amazing guy he is’! Lol! Check this, he finished with a 1st class from my alma mata. He’s a brainiac that knows how to parrei! Lol! (Oh geez, I’m excited about a married man… *sign of the cross*)! He just wrote his CFA level 3, I’m doing level 1 in December. He’s just… amazing… in my eyes! His wife is such a lucky lucky bugger! *insert minced beef here*

I must marry a man I totally look up to like this! Else, we are both in trouble! Lol! Ok, end of random, bye!


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