Being Strong (insert muscle smiley here)


I had a most remarkable experience today!

The day started like any other, you know… dragged myself out of bed, sleep walked into the shower and did the process with only one eye open. Then, I remembered that I had made extra at dinner to take to work, so I (awake now), headed to the kitchen, dished myself a full bowl, looked at the time and rushed out of the house. You see, I go with my neighbor to work in the mornings (he stays like waaaay up my street) and he’s a very nice guy, never leaves earlier than usual without calling me. But I recently changed numbers, and for some reason, he never thought to store my new number though I had called him several times on it. Anyway, back to my story…

On my way out, I remembered that the last time I took this same meal to work, (you can guess what it is) I had the whole package stained with the oil from my yummy yummy stew. So, I thought to myself, let me hold this little bowl in my hands until I step outta the gate (of my house and then set it properly). Now, did I mention that I had a tiny restraint about packing the food? I did. I checked my heart to see if my neighbor was leaving me, and I didn’t feel a check on that. Then, I wondered, what in the world would the food do to me anyway? Apart from save me lunch money, I didn’t see any harm coming from it. So, I headed out, stew in hand. And yes, another little detail, my phone in same hand. Now it takes approximately 15 steps from the door of my kitchen to the point right outside my gate. And between point A and B, the oil on my stew had spilled (yes, spilled as in gulf of Mexico spill) all over my hand, my phone, and into the bag carrying the rest of my stuff (not the hand bag, the other bag we carry). I didn’t notice the phone at first, but when I did, I was like, just lemme get to D’s house, I’ll fix this!

By the time I got to D’s house, not only had he gone, he had tried to call me several times, drove down the street trying to locate my house, waited for 10 mins and was (I’m sure) around the 3rd Mainland bridge already. Yes, he left quite earlier than normal. Did I mention too that I did not have any cash on me? Yes, I did not. You see, I hardly carry cash. Why? Cause I tend to spend all I carry, so I try to carry only what I need. And since D drops me right in front of my office, going totally out of his way, I never carry more than lunch break money. And these days, I’ve been *cough* practicing frugality with the rest of the money I call mine.

Now picture me, hands stained with oil, phone stained but showing no sign of damage, pocket penniless, and running late for work. And yes, I forgot to mention, I was the last to leave the office yesterday, so I had the general office keys with me. My boss had his own keys but hey, when did the VP of a firm become mandated to come early so the office can get cleaned before work starts? Now, a few weeks before, I had gotten to work a few minutes late (while with the office keys) and had a colleague speak to me in a way I promised myself I’d never give him the opportunity to repeat again. And short of flying to work, well…

So, I head to the ATM and hoped that the taxi man would know the shortest route possible to the Island. I slotted the card in and voila! Card expired! What?!?!?!?!?! I then checked the validity date, 05/10. How cute. What a way to start a beautiful Tuesday!

Now picture me. Now put your self in my shoes.

While you are at that, let me explain a bit about myself. I’m a bit of an idealist. I sometimes (ok, maybe most times) live in this world where things go according to plans and schedules, where plan C, D, E work when plan A and B dont. I make plans about things that would inconvenience me in multiples because I detest being uncomfortable (I know, that, in itself,  is relative). And here I am, penniless, ATM-less and getting later by the second. ordinarily, Yetitweets would have been close to tears, I would have started frowning, become so antsy that any passer-by would be avoiding me when they came near. First I was carrying my stuff in the ugliest nylon ever! I begged for the nylon in my most polite voice from D’s aboki, the guy was even posing for me sef!  I didn’t want to disturb D’s wife cos I figured she might just be getting quality sleep after tending to their new baby for the most parts of the night. So, I was looking most un-presentable with my little package, and I was in a fix.

I decided to head to the office in a taxi, hoping that my customer (a woman selling credit) would have resumed for the day and have some cash on her. On my way, I noticed I was unusually calm, inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a drama queen. I’m usually my calmest when there is a situation. Like the time I almost got killed…. Anyway, my friends think I’m some kinda freak, cos I never panic when everyone does. In fact, I never panic, simple. On the outside. Usually, I’m all tied up in knots inside. And I think it’s just double trouble to show it. Cos, 1, the other person there is either panicking too or the one with the solution. 2, if I panic outside, I would not be able to mind the panic inside. So, I’m calm, on the outside, but I’m so freaked out, pissed, mad, furious, infuriated et al… on the inside!

For some reason, I don’t know how,I was calm on the inside too. Then I remembered that the arm of flesh always fails… What if this woman decides not to show up early today? What if she doesn’t have cash? What if, even though I buy tons of credit from her, she doesn’t want to give me the cash even though I would return it in minutes? What if…???? Will the taxi man cause a scene? Kai! That my fine office complex where I have been posing!! All sorts of thoughts suddenly hit me all at once. Then again, I remembered, it’s the arm of flesh that fails, not God. And God, so far had not failed me in this predicament I found myself in. He had warned me (about my phone), he even prepared me that D may have gone, but by then, it was late. And I know that whenever God gives me an inkling into the existence of a situation, He’s already got it covered, so I try not to fret. I remembered again that my perfect peace would come and remain if only my heart stayed on Him. So, I turned my gaze towards Him, consciously and I said to Him, “Father, I thank you cos, you will keep that women, or whoever would be gracious in helping me out within sight today”. And then, I took my mind off it.

So, I got to work, horribly late, and of course the woman was there, of course she graciously gave me (though her voice was slightly raised sha as she was issuing all sorts of caveats to the ‘facility’). I got to work and realized that I was smiling! That is when it hit me! I was not responding to the situation! So far, the situation was responding to my actions! It was amazing. I felt a deep sense of gratitude to God, cos I had no idea he was working on me to rid me of my usual nasty response when things don’t go my way. Everything will work out, even if it doesn’t go my way!

So, major hurdles crossed, a few more to go. Did I mention that my bank was no where near my office? Ok, I could use any branch, right? Aha! But I had this arrangement with them where I can not withdraw cash directly from the bank… some long story tins jare! So, here I was, needing cash directly and having no ATM. lol! Anyway, to end my long story, I told my boss I had to get to my bank and see my account officer (after resuming an hour late o!) and he was like ok! I got my colleague to square the woman till I got back and I headed off to sort my ATM and liquidity issues.

Now, its 6.45 p.m., I’m back at work, I had a totally fab day! Two (and a half) meetings that went well, transactions that moved forward and prospects of even more pipeline deals, and I do not have a head ache! I have absolutely matured! lol! On my way, (the office driver wasnt available so I took a cab), one of the cab men played this song that just interpreted in true light, the experience that I was having (the wording are not too accurate):

Be strong, and take courage

Do not fear, do not be dismayed

For the Lord would go before you

And his light will shine on you way

Be strong, and take courage

Do not fear, do not be dismayed

For the Lord that is within you

Will be strong in you today

I’m sure you guess the part that was my rhema. (I even gave the cab guy prophet offering sef! lol!) The Lord that is within me, will be strong IN ME! God was strong in me today. I call myself a strong person, but even we Herculenas have our breaking points. And for me, it’s usually the little things that get me emotional. Plus my hormonal imbalance had been at its peak of late. But today, I showed uncharacteristic now characteristic strength of character! I was amazed at myself. I would normally have bursted into angry tears at some point. I would have a terrible day. Would have bickered and frowned all through. Instead, the day went splendidly well! Did I mention that my bb screen got stained. I am told it would cost me like 19grand to get that fixed. That would have ruined the day for me. But guess what? I have this amazing joy, deeply set in my heart. I know that all this didn’t happen because I missed God or didn’t follow His gentle nudging. It happened cos, well, it happened! God was nudging me to prepare me for it and for collateral damage. Fine, if I had left the food behind, my phone would have been fine. But I do not care. God, who got me this one, will either fix it supernaturally or get me a newer better BB! (watch this space!) I am so consumed by my reliance on the exertion of His influence in my life that I couldn’t care less what else would go wrong (and I’m not afraid!)! Why, cos He’s got it under control, and left to the devil, it would be worse! And you know the sweetest part, the day just keeps getting better and better! I just love this God that I serve!

Anyway, I just thought to share this with you. It didn’t come out exactly the way I thought it would, but I guess the Father has His reasons for this type of expression. I love Him dearly, you know? His love just absolutely fills my heart. I’m really bone tired right now. Haven’t even had time for the food sef! lol! But I have had my best day in years!

So, you be strong, and take courage. remember that God is always in you. And cos He’s an embodiment of strength, allow Him be strong in you today.

Much love and more kisses….


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  1. “That is when it hit me! I was not responding to the situation! So far, the situation was responding to my actions! It was amazing. I felt a deep sense of gratitude to God, cos I had no idea he was working on me to rid me of my usual nasty response when things don’t go my way. Everything will work out, even if it doesn’t go my way!”

    Now someone tell me why I am so happy to have been one of the recipients of this wonderful testimony. Thank God Yeti for teaching you a lesson through what you had to go through today, and then teaching us the same lesson through you.

  2. lol! my most regular reader, thanks again for gracing my page with your presence. Twitter does hav productive use afterall! lol! Yeah, it was, and still is, an amazing lesson. My prayer now is for the grace for my heart to stay open, like Madona rightly said, you r frozen, when ur heart is not open. If only she knew…

  3. lol. I can imagine. and U had the keys again sef! smh
    I’m glad you didn’t flip out cos im sure i woulda
    Btw would be nice to get to knw u too

  4. *SIGH* I liked how you took what anyone would have called a regular day and showed how God’s hand was at work in your life. Many times, it is so easy to overlook ordinary events and pass them on as the regular, forgetting that every thing that crosses our way is a test and opportunity to glorify HIS name. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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