Love, Life and other mysteries


This is strictly girls talk. I think I am blogging too much. Plus, this place is no longer that private anymore. I know what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna change my handle! Yes! Remove all reference to my name! Anyway, this is hoping I never get to meet anyone of you. And if I do, may you never know it’s me. Amen.

Like I said, life. It can be fun. Most times it actually is. I love it when it’s full of activity, productive activity. My friend called me an adrenaline junkie. I think she may be right. Nothing excites me like risks, timelines, hints of danger, adventure, the promise of passion… Nothing is exciting if it won’t make my heart beat rapidly, make me break out in sweat small, or make me fear small! Lol! Ok, maybe I just love the rush, or maybe I get bored quick… Whatever! Bottom line is, I love life! Funny thing is, it’s not the first thing you’ll think of me when you meet me…

I also think life can be a lot of pain if you do not constantly adjust your perspective. You can not keep looking at things the same way all the time. Yes, there are constants, like faith (or unfaith – though I think there is no such thing. If you do not believe in the existence of something, you simply have faith that it doesn’t exist), like truth, like death, like new life… But except these things (list is not exhaustive), every other thing is a variant and dynamic in its existence. And the fact remains that the world consists of more variants than constants. So, we all have to keep changing, as the world changes. It’s a beautiful cycle really! When I think about it, it kind of helps me connect with eternity, world without end. That is why I always say, I am changing… I’m not the same as I used to be! I’m better at this thing called living. I’m loving it more and maximizing more facets of it with each passing day!

I’m going to write about love. But before I do, what do you think of life? Would you like to share?

In Him I’m living and moving and being all that I am meant to be!


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  1. I’m subscribed to you so I don’t know if changing your handle will unsubscribe me ‘cuz I’m new to this blogging thing. Nothing in life is permanent but change. Its like everything that happens around us somewhat shapens our character. My opinion on life is that we spend so much time planning for it as if it starts tommorrow or next week or next month, meanwhile life is what is happening while we plan. It won’t begin when we have another job, another car, a better house etc. That has kind of affected the way I live a little, I try to enjoy every minute really.

  2. I’m the last person to have an ans to that one! I’m so clueless about these techy sturvs! But i will ask my consultant sha! lol!

    wow… I like what you think. Life indeed happens now, as we type and read and reply… life is happeneing… Isnt that amazing? And exciting too! It’s so profound, yet so deep! God is really awesome!

    PS: How do I subscribe for your blog? Like, I said, I’m totally clueless…

  3. @omoge1 When you leave a comment, there are two boxes below the comment box, check the one that says “Subscribe by email to this site”. An alert will be sent to your email for you to confirm your subscription. Henceforth, you’ll be notified of any new post.

    On the other hand if you use any rss reader like google reader, just add her blog address to it.

  4. Ok, I didn’t even realize I was replying the site owner… Haha! Its pretty similar though, when you leave a comment on my blog there’s a link to subscribe by email. Cheers! 🙂

  5. I especially loved this sentence, “I also think life can be a lot of pain if you do not constantly adjust your perspective. ”

    About life: it’s all about purpose (referencing what I said in the last post).

    One quote I like about life is this one: “The only thing constant in life is change.” God and His word are the only ones who break this quote. All other things & perspectives will either change from bad to good, or vice versa.

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