The Call


There is a book by that title. I read it once. I think it was a scary read. Very imaginative writing. Lucado’s good like that. Anywayz, I’m in church and I’m writing about the call.

One thing I have finally come to understand is that everyone has a call. Everyone has a purpose. Be you athiest, agnostic, believing, unsure or just plain confused, you have a call. No matter the angle we take this thing from, it sounds stupid to think you are just here just because. Think about it… is it possible, by any chance whatsoever, to be something for no reason. No human invention was made for nothing. Even science doesn’t create for nothing. So, if you are a creature of Chance, you are definitely not made for nothing. The chances that made you were to good to have made you with all the amazing things that make you you. Some darn good chance that was. There has to be a good reason for it. Atoms will tell you that too…

Anywayz, this post isn’t about you, it’s about me. So, back to me. Like I said, I’m in church, though it’s over now, and I’m thinking about my call. The dynamics of the many options available for expression. The risks of deciding to be strictly me, and no other variant. The certainty of the steps to be taken. The long road ahead, the twists, the turns, the dips and the steepy heights. And I’m scared. Out of my sane mind. Maybe I should just conform… Heck no!!!

I’m grateful for grace sha! It’s a good thing I’m scared then, I think. It means that I will be trusting totally in Something other than myself. And that way, chances are that my chances of becoming ALL, are very good.

At least, so I think!

In Him I’m living and moving and being all that I am meant to be!


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  1. but what if there is really no purpose…
    I think we get to decide…
    or not…
    who knows


    life is exhausting.

    i have been thinking for an hour now.

  2. I am a strong believer of the fact that we are not just here on earth “just because.” No, there’s a purpose. We were created to breathe in oxygen. Nature was created to recycle itself just so that organisms can live on it. And yes, God created us to have dominion over every other living thing.

    We are not merely scavengers walking to and fro. We’ve got a purpose, and finding your purpose would be the best thing that ever happened to you (I’m sure of it, as I’m sure of the oxygen in the air).

    Now, you need to take “baby steps” Yeti. That’s how to do it. Don’t be scared. It won’t come to you in one day. But by God’s grace, and even as you continue to study God’s word…you’ll begin to get snippets of “eureka” moments here and there.

    Lots of love 🙂

  3. You know, I don’t think we’re supposed to know our purpose all at once. It’s like if God shows you the entire map of your life, you won’t need him anyway. You’ll just start walking the road on your own. The fact that you even ask such questions shows that you’re thinking outside of yourself which is a good place to begin. I can tell you though, there are no accidents… everything is planned.

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