Mrs. Lemuel Jr. (cont.)


Yeah, so, I changed typing apparatus! Yay! I believe God is speaking to me! I haven’t been so blessed by this passage of the Bible, ever!

Yeah, where did I stop? Verse 19? Yep. I think I sneaked into that verse 21, saw that it looked like a long thing and balked! Plus, my little finger on my left hand was hurting from too much typing… Yet again, I digress… (This always happens when I’m typing on my phone!)

So, verse 20 talks about her being generous. A woman is life giver. She is a giver, simple! When a woman lacks confidence or can’t/wont deal with hurts properly, she ends up wounded, bitter and becomes a hoarder. Enough said.

Verse 21 to 23 describes her as competent. Now, it occurs to me that in those days, things were slightly different. They didn’t have street fashion or high end fashion or couture. So, go figure. But they still had women who put finishing touches to Lemuel’s cape. So, fine, he had his robes spun by the royal spinners and she is not to be pricked by a niddle. She however still got involved in what he looked like. She smoothened his tie, dropped the hanky in his brief case, changed the empty bottle of freshner in his bugatti (ok, Sunday fixed it, but she noticed when it finished). She wasn’t so all up in her business that she forgot about the man she’s supposed to be helping look good (and feel good too). And as a result, Baby got so good, all ’em daddies up in the gates respected him. Lemuel had a good homefront, infact, he had it so good, it was like a blinding fairy tale! He was all macho cos I was all female? Wrong!

All she did was pay him attention. Men are suckers for attention (ok, women too). But, remember, it was for real. She was no scheming, two timing bia“¤» withan evil agenda. She was a woman who loved him, truly and passionately (wow, this sounding more and more like me! *coughs*). And because of that, she paid him (with or without reminders) sincere attention. Lemuel too represented, bigs boy! Hehehe! Ever wondered why the Bible linked his appearance (and that of the rest of her household) to the respect people had for him? I did. And a part of me recognized that as humans, we are shallow! iSigh! People WILL always look on the outward appearance! They can’t help it! Come to think of it, neither can I! So, when I see a nice guy looking fly (available or not), I recognize and respect it. I’m attracted to it (in difference variations per status o!). So, ladies, prep that man up! Except he’s Bereolaesque, he’s gonna need some help. I don’t care what he says!

Notice that verse 21 said she’s not afraid. In other words, she’s not overwhelmed by it cos she takes everything in stride. And from her taking care of how her family looks to the public eye, she earns Lemmy Boo some respect that sets him in the presence of the elders. She projects him as one that is qualified to dine with the seasoned elders, because she runs her home like someone that has. So, let’s tweak that scripture a little bit, shall we?

Seest thou a man that is married to a diligent wife? He shall stand before kings/elders and not ordinary peers.

Verse 24 and 25a (ehen, my story, my split) describes her as a sharp woman! She can make clothes, but rather than just make enough to wear, she makes extra to sell. That way,she gets her money back and helps another sister out. (Imagine how sweet it would be if we all worked together to build our families rather than bicker and compete? I bake, you sew, she cleans! In the end, our Lemuels all have neat, new clothes, nice warm meals and clean homes!)

Verse 25b says
“she always faces tomorrow with a smile.”

This kinda reminds me of Emma in Barbara Taylor Bradford’s “Woman of Substance” Enough said.

Verse 26b goes on to say:

“When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,…”

This kind of woman does not nag Lemuel. She knows however when to take the shots that get to him. 😉 (ok, at this point, Disclaimer! Warning!! Out of Bounds to all men I’m eyeing!!

“and she always says it kindly.”

Ok, well, that is not so much like Emma…

We are rounding this thing off gradually! I didn’t think I’d learn so much or see so much of myself in her! Who’d have thought…? Oh well, verse 27 says:

“She keeps an eye on everyone in her household,
and keeps them all busy and productive.”

Ok, ladies, about that house-help in hot pants… I always say, and I still maintain that if a man falls into adultery or cheats on his gf or wife, its his fault. Ok, in this situation and you have become Mrs. Lemuel, you won his heart and he won yours. Then you settled in to raise the Little Prince and his sister, Princess D. In comes Ekaete. It’s your job to keep her busy! No one’s saying you should work her like a horse, but let her know her place. Let her know that Oga is a ‘no-go area’! Pleasing him, doing him favors, helping him out, it’s not her job, it’s yours! Ok, so you don’t have all the time in the world and can’t afford to do most things. That’s what the help is for anyways, right? Yes! I totally agree! But do you know that Microsoft Inc has plenty of subsidiaries? (I just heard that today myself) Do you know also that Bill Gates has stopped inventing packaging inventions? But Microsoft still comes out with new technology everyday!?!?! Well, right now, Bill and his lovely wife are in my backyard, practicing nursing on some poor kids. So…. who’s inventing right now??? Some dude in India that I would never know (nor do I care to know him) who’s working his arse head off to beat the competition and sell Microsoft some classy idea. And guess who packages it? Aha! So, let Ekaete invent, you package and put your stamp on it.Lemmy Boo doesnt have to know who dunnit! Cool? Good! Same applies to you if you live in the places where Ekaetes cannot exist. If it’s pre-cooked soup, darling put some of your own sauce in it. If it’s already mixed cake mix, use an interesting cake pan to bake it. Get creative with him. Let him know that it matters to you that you added something to what makes him smile. (ok, I’m not liking all these parts myself, honest!)

“Her children respects and bless her

Her husband (Lemmy Boo) joins in with words of praise” (MSG)

I want this. We all do. I think. Is it worth it? Then, I gotta work it! (MISSY) Then the highest crown of all…

“May women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all” (MSG)

And that is like wow… No wonder Mama Lemuel started with ‘it’s hard to find her’. Small wonder she prayed for, trained and counseled Lemmy into marrying me! Cos in the end, no matter how many we are, with my unique gifts, fitting perfectly into my king’s vision and purpose, I outshine them all. And I believe its possible. Why? If the 24 elders still have reason to be awed as I type, and I am made in that image… I can only outclass you, as you outclass me as I outclass you as you… you get the picture?

Then Mama Lemuel says charms can mislead and beauty fades. We all know that dont we? A woman to be admired and praised is the one who lives in the fear of God.  CEV says “a woman who HONORS the Lord”.

I guess that sums it all up nicely. GRACE. This is one thing I am coming to appreciate more than I ever did. I’m not Superwoman, and I never like Wonder Woman’s costume anywayz. So, I rely on GRACE. I can’t do half of these things myself. Even though I see that over the years, I have changed and I have grown, and gradually, I am becoming this woman (which happened by grace), I can still see a gap yet to be filled. I’m sometimes not patient enough to stick some kinds of crap. But, I’m learning, from experiences, mine and others. And I will only get there, as I have gotten here by GRACE. So, I honor God, by recognizing his grace at work through to become this woman that I have envied and beefed for the better part of my adult existence. And because of that, not because I made the mark, I will be praised. He will put his anointing on my efforts, and I will be the one who’s husband sings her praise. I will be the Proverbs 31 woman, to him , to our kids and to all those who hear about me.

To me, that is still like… wow…!!!!


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  1. Lol @ “Men are suckers for attention.” I’m sure they can say the same about us too. Yes, I agree that we need to “prep our men up.” How our men look in public are a reflection of us. I won’t let my man go out looking shabby (and God pls help me to keep it up, lol).

    I really liked the idea of women working together, oh I wish it was as easy as it seems in this post. There’s something about women that make us fight each other, and now that I think about it, it’s a plan of the devil to see us act that way…if we really try to build ourselves up–what a damage to the devil that would be!

    Amen to your prayer Yeti. Your proverbs 31 posts blessed the socks out of me, lol. Thanks.

  2. @ simeone – thank you. I appreciate.

    @ Jaycee – well, ,won’t that be a dream. But that, I believe is part of what scripture recommends. Paul asked the older women to teach the younger ones, so, i guess it can be assumed that peers should help themsleves out. But that would take a lot of maturity and trust. It would be amazing, but it’s almost near impossible! lol!
    and yes, they are suckers for attention, they jus dont act dramatic about it like we do! lol!

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