These are the days…


Every writer has her own voice. I am finding mine. I haven’t named it yet (oh, I ♥ to name things!) I heard the word catharsis and I knew it was created for me. Purging comes from writing, and what is left is clarity. I have written a number of stuff, some I’ll never make public, some I dare not even read again. And in all my years, no day has ever been sweetest to write than days such as this.

It’s pouring in raging torrents outside. And I’m not at home. If I were, I would be sprawled on my bed, huddled close to the wall and covered to the toes. I would be cuddling my phone or a good book, warming to the rising heat of a good meal in my tummy. I would be wishing on a cup of cocoa or having one, allowing the heat scald my tongue just a little in the rush to savor the sweetness of its brimming hotness. Or I could be watching a good movie and wiping romantic tears. I may be talking to God, over soft music, sharing my ♥, my dreams and my secret fears. I could be doing a lot of things… But I’m not home… I’m way up the street, sharing new company, inhaling baby scents and counting baby breaths.

Days like this, I wonder on many things. Like most of my wonderings, I never complete it all at once. I’d like enough answers and conclusions to satisfy my curiosity, but leave enough out for another day’s wonderings. So, this time, I’m wondering…

Why the heck am I not at home?!?!?

I could lie in dark darkness that has become so familiar, it’s now comforting, and dream away. I could sing praise and worship the God who made something as majestic as this thunderous rain. I could just look back on my life, count my blessings and fall asleep to the thought of the many more beauties at the door of my life. I could sort out work and personal to-dos in my head. But instead I’m here. And while this lovely showers rock others (including my all day hosts) to sleep, I’m sitting here mumbling…

This damned rain has got to stop now!!!!!


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